Project Overview:

Our fast-growing and professional team is looking for a Senior/Principal Data Engineer who will join the development of Cloud Voice Platform application based on SaaS solution. Our client is one of the leading telecommunications companies based in the United States. Our client, together with our teams in Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv, uses the Agile oriented approaches and trending technologies such as AWS, Cassandra, Hadoop, Python, Scala, Microservices, Messaging Queues and Streaming Data Pipelines. By joining our team, you will get exceptional technical\multinational experience working with highly scalable, resilient solutions and innovative product that already on production.

Юлія Мікша
  • Help identify epic level software platform maintenance tasks and define the description, acceptance criteria, estimated effort (T-Shirt Size), and the stories needed to complete the epic Help identify epic level software platform maintenance tasks and define the description, acceptance criteria, estimated effort (T-Shirt Size), and the stories needed to complete the epic;
  • Active development of new functionality Defines Non-Functional requirement stories for business feature epics including the description, acceptance criteria, story points;
  • Maintains quality gates for team software like code test coverage, code reviews, best practices, and makes sure these are enforced for any work done by any member of the team;
  • Participates in on-call rotation Be ready to work across time-zones, ability to work with remote teams effectively;
  • Helps investigate new and better software technologies and methodologies for the team to use Tests software in local and developer environments against story description and acceptance criteria;
  • Work with AQA and DevOps to help build out continuous integration and continuous delivery build pipelines;
  • Collaborate with team to brainstorm and create new products;
  • Work collaboratively with others to achieve goals Stay on the leading edge of development practices.
  • 5+ years of experience as a software engineer with 3+ years Data focused.

Mastery in:

  • Python (Experience with AWS Glue, Spark, Airflow, DBT, DataBricks, or similar);
  • Linux/Unix and shell scripting;
  • REST web services;
  • Batch processing services (e.g. AWS Lambda, AWS Glue);
  • Event/message broker services;
  • SQL and NoSQL databases (Cassandra, MySQL, Postgres, AWS RDS);
  • Data structures/modeling;
  • Docker;
  • Git and Github;
  • CI/CD pipelines and automation tools and frameworks used to implement them.

Experience with:

  • Experience in application architecture and design;
  • Java Standard Edition (11+ preferred);
  • Apache Maven;
  • IaaS and PaaS – primarily Amazon Web Services (AWS);
  • Experience building database-driven services with REST-based APIs;
  • SQL / NoSQL database design;
  • ORM libraries (JDBI, JPA, etc.);
  • Experience in or knowledge of Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) and continuous integration/continuous delivery systems;
  • Collection, monitoring, and alerting of software metrics.
Nice to have:
  • Telecom domain experience;
  • Guava, Guice, Junit 4 & 5, Mockito;
  • Building and migrating to Microservices and frameworks like
Higher Education:
  • B.Sc. degree or higher in Computer Science or related fields.

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