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Project Overview:

Our client is the fastest-growing global tobacco manufacturing company. An international corporation with over hundred years of history, internationally recognized brands and Reduced-Risk Products. Intellias mission is to support their strategy and efforts in Digital and eCommerce space (eCommerce and other apps mobile apps, payment gateways, loyalty system, search engine, employee management, identity management etc.)
A newly conceptualized Digital Eco System is comprised of set of capabilities including online shop & website, linking online & offline, customization & personalization, engagement & membership, digital product & services main differences.


  • Strong SQL experience (ad hoc queries, optimization techniques);
  • Python;
  • ETL/microservices;
  • Data processing & visualization;
  • ETL experience / Data Warehouse concepts;
  • Schema Architecture (e.g. Flat-file / Star / Snowflake);
  • Processing Paradigm ( Batch / mini-batch / streaming / change data capture / lambda / kappa)
    orchestration: Airflow / Prefect / Luigi / Jenkins;
  • Storage infrastructure for scalable OLAP processing;
  • Experience with any batch processing technology: for example SQL / Talend / Elastic / Spark / Custom Built;
  • Experience with any streaming processing technology: for example Kafka / Spark Streaming / Storm / Flink;
  • Basic experience with Business Intelligence Visualization Tool (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau );
  • Good conceptual knowledge on streaming processing (Eventual consistency, duplication handling, data latency, water mark, stateless stream);
  • English upper-intermediate or advanced.
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