Project Overview:

Consumer is the largest telco in the industry. With over 20k employees and 34 million customers, we generate over £10bn in revenue. This offers enormous opportunities for our people and to be No. 1 in the market.  Our Consumer Unit exists as three household brands - BT, EE & Plusnet from which collectively we generate more revenue than any other part of BT. Our brilliant brands are all beautiful individually. Each has unique attributes that cater to very different segments of the market. This makes our goal possible; to create a connection in every home in the UK by 2025.

In this job you’ll contribute to a next generation Digital Transformation programme to provide performant, stable and reliable BT/EE eCommerce platforms. You’ll be part of a team that creates seamless and effective automated delivery pipelines that takes eCommerce features from development into production. You’ll help to design, build and maintain our websites and applications writing code that is seen by millions of customers each month.

Ганна Ігнатьєва
  • Work with stakeholders and Engineering teams to ensure the correct technical decisions are being made to deliver the best customer experience;
  • Integrate and interact with UX/UI team, support design of the software built;
  • Escalate impediments when appropriate and ensure long-term solutions are pursued with pragmatism;
  • Analyse site and page speed and help provide performance solutions;
  • Write clean, comprehensive and scalable code;
  • Able to confidently and independently complete development tasks;
  • Identify and deliver Minimum Viable Products where appropriate;
  • Write unit tests and other automated tests;
  • Peer review software written by team members;
  • Contribute to tribe ceremonies (stand-up, sprint planning, demo, retrospective);
  • Drive forward items from the improvement initiatives;
  • Contribute to platform technical direction and strategy;
  • Coach and mentor junior members;
  • Leading multi-site and nearshore / offshore Engineering resources;
  • Contribute to technical responses of impact assessments for business propositions;
  • Lead the technical analysis and troubleshooting of operational and security related issues;
  • Deliver tooling improvements for the delivery pipeline;
  • Engage / influence the roadmap of our vendors’ products;
  • Contribute to internal and external conferences/meetups.
  • Software Developer (Minimum 5 years);
  • Ability to successfully collaborate as part of an Agile development team;
  • Good communication skills - written and verbal;
  • Ability to contribute to ongoing process improvement activities in the team and look for ways to make a difference;
  • Communication of complicated technical requirements to the business leaders and project teams in non-technical language;
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills to engineer solutions to business requirements;
  • Identify opportunities to build once and deploy multiple;
  • Good interpersonal and teamworking skills;
  • Ability to manage their own time and assist others to meet sprint commitments in terms of functionality delivered;
  • Interpret and communicate both technical and non-technical requirements;
  • Working with multi location on shore and offshore teams.

Experience you would be expected to have:

  • In depth Knowledge of React, TypeScript & GraphQL, including headless approaches;
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Accessibility standards and responsive design;
  • Strong knowledge of improving website accessibility and performance;
  • Working with and refining DevOps CI/CD pipelines, including Jenkins, Bitbucket, Jira and Confluence.
Nice to have:
  • Experience in driving implementation through tests (TDD BDD);
  • Experienced consuming REST APIs;
  • Experience in deploying Serverless with AWS Lambdas;
  • Understanding of Terraform Docker, Kubernetes, AWS environments and services;
  • Application monitoring expertise using Dynatrace.

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