Project Overview:

Our team focuses on the development and implementation of new functionality for Intellias in-house enterprise management system. The system covers the core employee processes ranging from time tracking and reporting, benefits and training management, employee feedback collection, news sharing to timesheet creation for invoicing clients. As Intellias is home to continuous innovations and transformations, there is a high demand for new functionality and integrations with other corporate systems. Our team operates under the umbrella of the Business Process Management department, which oversees Intellias overall performance and ensures sustainability through business process optimization and automation. 

Рекрутинг лід
Катерина Леспух
  • Develop business features according to product roadmap by writing quality and maintainable code with unit test coverage;
  • Team architecture/design decisions facilitation & evaluation of adherence to the business requirements;
  • Suggest technical and functional improvements to add value to the product;
  • Estimation facilitation of large and complex milestones;
  • Proactively identify tech debt that is preventing from efficient software delivery;
  • Together with DevOps set-up of code quality best practices (SonarQube, JSLint etc.);
  • Monitoring of code quality metrics and supervision of their continuous improvement;
  • Collaboration with architect on complex technical decisions;
  • Technology decisions justification in front of business stakeholders.

Must have skills:

  • 5 years + of experience with PHP development;
  • Strong understanding of OOP and software design patterns;
  • Experience with MVC frameworks such as Laravel etc;
  • Experience with JavaScript and TypeScript;
  • Experience with HTML5 and CSS\ SASS;
  • Knowledge of Webpack, NPM tools;
  • Experience with relational databases (My SQL);
  • Experience with source code management systems such as Git;
  • Experience with code review practices;
  • Experience with CI\CD technics implementation;
  • Mentorship, leadership experience;
  • Good communication skills;
  • English: Pre-Intermediate+;
  • Deep understanding of Agile principles;
  • Good knowledge of all phases of the development lifecycle;
  • Ability to finish tasks within estimated time limits (Generally).
Nice to have:
  • Experience with secure coding techniques;
  • Experience in implementing responsive web-based designs;
  • Knowledge of CI\CD technics implementation;
  • Experience with Azure Dev Ops;
  • Experience with building SOA/microservices architectures;
  • Experience with any MV* front-end framework.

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