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About Client:

One of the leading company providing expert solutions to the healthcare, compliance, legal and tax markets globally. More specifically, engineer will be working in a team which focuses on the development of an AI platform to execute NLP and ML algorithms in order to extract actionable insights encoded based on Semantic Web Technologies (e.g. RDF, OWL, etc.).

About Project:

They are creating services that are working with text content. They are extracting data from the different sources based on the questions asked, sentiment and so on. The data are mostly professional documents from different specializations like law, government, books and articles.
That services consumed by different applications from the company. We have a framework of micro-services, launched more than five years ago, and it supports all variety of corporate applications.
From the development perspective, it is mostly new services development, but modification and update of the existing may require. Also, there is available some pece of work related to the migration of old applications to the new microservice architecture.
From the DevOps side of work, it will require to create Groove scripts to help automate existing CI/CD framework, which is mostly maintained by DevOps engineer. In addition to that, they have full automation in place, E2E testing, unit testing, etc.

Development team composition:

  • Core team is located in Holland and USA:
    • Holland: four people, 2 leads, manager and PO;
    • USA: director of advanced technology;
    • Development team is in Belarus: 2 dev and 2 QA.
  • Opened team extension: 1 Python and 2 Java devs in Ukraine;
  • PM is on the customer side.


  • Develop micro-services and components for the existing AI platform, execute NLP and ML algorithms;
  • Create templates for the platform based on Cookiecutter;
  • Create plugins for Jenkins;
  • Support CI/CD work on the project up to 10% of the work time;
  • Creation and maintenance of technical documentation.


  • Good communication skills in English. Upper-intermediate is a must;
  • Has worked on developing micro-services using Python 3.x;
  • Solid understanding of python best practices and at least a working knowledge of certain DevOps tools such as Docker and Jenkins, as well as how to use them within the AWS ecosystem:
    • Has worked with Flask, Docker;
    • Has knowledge of DevOps / CI / CD process (e.g. AWS, Jenkins, CloudFormation).
  • Has knowledge of XML and / or Semantic Web Technologies (RDF, OWL);
  • Experience with NLP would be preferable;
  • Experience with scrum methodology would be preferable.

Higher Education: Bachelor+.

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