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Project Overview:

Our client is a leading US-based IT services provider for large tech companies seeking to build an Eastern European dev team for a new product platform. Client is successfully operates for 17 years and represented in 33 countries. Client develops solutions for workplace services, IT logistics, network & data center, cloud and provide subject matter expertise, framework, templates and methodologies.

Product Description:

The purpose of this product is to improve business outcomes through process mining, outlier detection, next best actions and robotic process automation (RPA). The objective is to realize the long sought after ideal of optimizing and automating business processes that has been the ultimate promise of business intelligence systems. The platform will be both a no-code/low-code workbench for data analysts to build business applications based on their use cases, processes and data, as well as a consumer-based marketplace for business users to subscribe to these applications for the purpose of obtaining excellence in their specific business domain. The product will use machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), modern cloud services and a microservices architecture to achieve this goal. We're looking for Strong Middle / Senior DevOps who will join our team and will support us in tasks around Docker, AWS, monitoring, CI\CD.


  • AWS Cloud Computing (manage EC2 instances) >12 months routine use;
  • AWS networking (VPC, internal / cross VPC / external network communication) - >12 months routine use;
  • AWS network security (Security Groups, Access Policy) - theoretical knowledge + 3-6 months use or experiment;
  • AWS IAM security (Users, Roles, Policy) - theoretical knowledge + 3-6 months use or experiment;
    CI, build tools, target deployment platforms;
  • Build Docker images / deploy using docker-compose - >12 months routine use;
  • Write Kubernetes manifest, deploy to Kubernetes cluster - theoretical knowledge + 3-6 months routine use;
  • Write Jenkins pipeline - theoretical knowledge + 3-6 months use;
  • Git routine usage >12 months routine use monitoring and alertin;
  • Metrics collecting and alering, using Prometheus or Elasticsearch - >12 months periodical use;
  • Visualisations tools (Grafana or Kibana) - >12 months periodical use;
  • Issues investigation using tools above - >12 months regular praxis;
  • Issues prediction and prevention using tools above - >6 months regular practice, misc tools;
  • Bash scripting - >12 months routine use;
  • deploying and performance tuning at least one of PHP, Python, Node apps. - theoretical knowledge + 3-6 months use or experiment.

Nice to have:

  • AWS managed services setup and support;
  • AWS EKS usage;
  • AWS Inspector, AWS Shield, Soc 2 cert.;
  • Kubernetes cluster management/support;
  • Write Helm charts;
  • Collect Docker container/Kubernetes pod logs using ELK;
  • Datadog or Newrelic usage experience;
  • Infrastructure-as-a-code tools usage, Terraform is preferred;
  • Python basic knowledge (write code in Pascal-like style );
  • Automation tools usage, like Ansible.
Надіслати резюме